Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ

Working Areas:

Students' Advisor (finished)
Final Undergraduate Projects

Undergraduate courses
General Chemistry II (IQG-127, Faculty of Pharmacy)
Inorganic Chemistry (IQG-244) and Inorganic Chemistry I (IQG-354)
Bioinorganic FF
Experimental Inorganic Chemistry I

Graduate courses
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Symmetry on Chemistry (Topics on Chemistry
Introduction to Complexity (Topics on Chemistry)

Lectures and short courses on Complexity, Oscillating Reactions, Chaos and Symmetry and Molecular Orbitals
Short courses


Prof. Roberto B. Faria

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ
Chemistry Institute
Inorganic Chemistry Department
Graduate Program in Chemistry - PGQu
Laboratory of Oscillating Reactions, Halogen Chemistry and Spectroscopy - LAROQHE
Kinetic Studies on Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory - LECBIO

Brazilian Chemical Society - SBQ
American Chemical Society - ACS
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - IUPAC
Movimento Slow-Science

e-mail: faria@iq.ufrj.br
e-mail: faria@pq.cnpq.br
e-mail: faria.ufrj@gmail.com
ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-9337-4324
Twitter: fariachemistry
Tel: 55 21 3938-7148
Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco A, sala 630, Ilha do Fundão